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T-shirts and mass customization

“We don’t actually sell T-shirts, but rather the individuality that people want to express”, said Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt since 2011, in his keynote on the morning of the second day. “Our customers don’t want print products per se, they are looking for an opportunity to express themselves” – and even if that means [...]


Megatrend: mass customization

Robotics in particular are set to account for a substantial portion of the megatrend that is mass customization, Bernd Zipper firmly believes. Markets like packaging, labeling, textiles, promotion etc have already been virtually “fueled” by it“. Prof. Frank Piller, RWTH Aachen “Increasing customization of demand and the emergence of long-tail markets are forcing [...]


Digital and other forms of transformation

„Only companies that manage to embed new products, changed customer requirements, new markets and innovations in their strategies will be successful in the long term," says Bernd Zipper, CEO zipcon consulting. “Just because a company operates an online store, it has by no means already undergone the process of transformation”, Bernd Zipper explains. [...]


Print mailshots rediscovered

Not another start-up that does old school and retro? Not quite. Print marketing campaigns continue to deliver the highest response rates. Mailshots are profitable and achieve average conversion rates of 3.7%. That is actually a well-known fact but is communicated far too little. Instead many companies focus on e-mail marketing that includes segmentation, personalization as [...]


Never caught in the middle

Dr. Christian Maaß, Vice President E-Commerce Cimpress France S.A.R.L. But both the above-mentioned innovations are typical examples of “classic business studies teachings only having limited relevance to online print and other new business models”, stated Dr. Christian Maaß, responsible in his role as VP eCommerce for Marketing and IT at Cimpress’ European business. [...]


Counterfeit-proof Track & Trace solution

Cüneyt Göktekin, CEO Snaptrust GmbH We’re not talking quality if two-thirds of branded product manufacturers just in Germany alone are confronted by product piracy. The market for counterfeit products is growing at up to 22% per annum. Given these developments, it is becoming more and more important for brand owners to protect [...]


Green online print

Thomas Fleckenstein, CEO of Druckerei Lokay, highlighted the obstacles that a print provider has to negotiate if it enters the online print business. This is especially relevant given that the Odenwald-based print provider that employs 27 people has once again raised the bar for entry into this business model, which in any case is already [...]


Print mass customization

While Prof. Piller dealt primarily in his keynote with products from daily life that can be mass-customized, several Symposium delegates will have asked themselves whether classic print products can’t be similarly customized. The answer came promptly. That’s because the Cologne-based start-up AutLay.com (AutLay stands for Automatic Layout) is now setting about revolutionizing the prepress process. [...]

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