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ctrl-s GmbH

Premium Partner

ctrl-s GmbH
Stammheimer Straße 22
D 70435 Stuttgart


ctrl-s specializes in providing printing companies with digital transformation advice and support.

ctrl-s’ SYMPHONY offering provides a completely new and revolutionary approach to optimizing workflows in printing companies with or without eCommerce print ambitions. SYMPHONY is the ideal platform for actioning Print 4.0/Smart Factory strategies. Its modular structure and workflow engine facilitate specific adaptation to all processes along the value chain. SYMPHONY enables all processes from order acceptance via data editing and production through shipping and billing to be fully automated. SYMPHONY is interface-compatible – existing systems are simply integrated. SYMPHONY therefore helps printing companies improve their performance and generate the time they need to advise and support their customers and enhance their business.

ctrl-s rounds out its portfolio with its STOREFRONT Web 2 Print Portal (customer access) and SYNERGY PIM/MAM/CMS Multi Channel Publisher (automated content creation) products.

ctrl-s also provides top-level pre-press services – SPECTRUM and SIGNATURE.