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Project Description

Obility GmbH

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Obility GmbH
Niederberger Höhe 14b
D 56077 Koblenz, Germany

Obility – simply making business simple

Obility GmbH enhances companies’ efficiency and effectiveness. Obility Business Software is a browser-based eCommerce and eBusiness application and can be used both in the cloud and on dedicated servers.

Obility incorporates four key components:

  1. Print stores, ordering platforms and web-to-print, for more customer benefits and more sales
  2. Browser-based ERP/MIS functions for quicker commercial handling
  3. Automation of business processes, to reduce costs within companies
  4. Interfaces to existing systems, for greater autonomy and flexibility.

Obility clients increase their profitability substantially because they can transact more business at lower input and cost. Obility provides comprehensive solutions, especially for Print 4.0 and business process digitalization challenges, enabling print service providers, agencies and advertising departments to operate open or closed stores systems. Typical functions include online design of layout templates, online pricing of print products with data upload and ordering of archived documents or in-stock items. Obility features a complete job management system with ERP and MIS functions for internal handling of all commercial processes and the integration of external suppliers. Companies are able to speed up their internal business processes by applying the Obility process automation solution, and therefore reduce their costs substantially. The open system features interfaces to external and internal systems.