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Project Description

uTraxx AG

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uTraxx AG
Neuhofstrasse 5A
CH-6340 Baar


Industry 4.0 for the print industry

uTraxx is an innovative, end-to-end, turnkey solution covering everything from webstores to billing. The functions include personalization, uploads, data access, automatic imposing and automatic pricing, procurement, JDF-based production linkage, electronic job tickets, integrated task planning, planning board with automated planning, logistics, GS1 Award, billing and business intelligence.

  • The uTraxx Web Store can be docked on to other systems with or without automatic pricing.
  • The uTraxx imposition and pricing components can be used by other web stores.
  • uTraxx can be operated in the cloud or on your systems.

Come and visit our booth and see for yourself live what opportunities uTraxx 4.0 provides.