A value for society

Is it a gloomy outlook then? No, not necessarily. The core statement of my comments on the trends and developments in Onlineprint was “Print is a real value for our society… if you do it right,”. But unfortunately, the idea of “Good Enough Quality” has begun to creep in. Of course, there is printing as a commodity with a short useful life, but there are also printed products with a high value and an equally high regard (Esteem). Print is the only manifestation of knowledge in the digital age.

Anyone who now believes that it follows philosophical considerations of what is printed is mistaken. This was followed by clear facts that make it evident how important print is in companies around the globe: the global print market is worth 2,695 billion dollars (almost 2.7 trillion) – this is more than twice as big as the pharmaceutical market. The graphic communications market alone is $700 billion, the packaging market $400 billion and the label market is $114 billion. In addition, there is functional printing and the entire industrial environment with print products worth almost $1,000 billion. Is that nothing? And aren’t there other attractive opportunities for online printing in this environment?