Approach to Print 4.0

Sven Burkhard, CEO of Schmid Druck+Medien GmbH in Kaisheim, Bavaria, which has been part of the Elanders Group since 2015, has been quick to act these past two years. Though he has faced several challenges during this time. Mailings, packaging, special developments of sophisticated print products -this is the printing company’s profession. But how can a company largely dominated by analog machines and workflows be made fit for the processes and production chains of the future? How can you sell faster and more effectively? How can the company’s many special products also be sold online?

Sven Burkhard, Managing Director SCHMID Druck+Medien GmbH; Source: #OPS2019

Sven Burkhard deliberately chose a new path and took part in Sappi’s OctoBoost project to equip his company step by step for the future. In his presentation he explained the approach, advantages and disadvantages as well as the reasons why he took the step towards agile software development. “Print efficiency, powerful artificial intelligence to automate planning and a new type of MIS have brought us much closer to Print 4.0. All in all, it’s not yet a finished product, but we are very close to our wishes and ideas,” summarized Burkhard.