Be Willing to Transform

My statements on the reasons for the redistribution were not uncontroversial. To this end, I would like to mention three errors that are currently being made:

  1. The quality of the products leaves something to be desired with almost all suppliers.
  2. The service, especially the handling of complaints, is also unsatisfactory.
  3. And the functionality in e-commerce is not sufficient.

It has been shown through experience that price and speed are often contrasted by characteristics such as reliability, quality and service, although currently the pendulum in customer preference is moving away from speed and competitive pricing.

But despite the criticism – or let’s call it suggestions and tips for the online print day-to-day business – which must be worked on, it can be said that: “Print is one of the most powerful channels in the communication canon of the digital world. And Onlineprint is a part of that world.” Provided that companies do their homework in e-commerce, markets, service and production. Other challenges in print are platforms for mass customization and artificial intelligence. First approaches have already become available – recognizable by software for the automatic creation of collective forms including dynamic scheduling and production planning as well as autonomous printing.

However, digital transformation, new ways to reach customers, new technologies and production processes, especially in the integration of online and print, present companies with new challenges in online printing. Those who are “willing to transform” have ample opportunity to make use of niches, to distinguish themselves as specialists, to address specific target groups precisely and to serve local markets with better services.