Big in Japan

Raksul, a Japanese company, has created a B2B platform that links supply directly to demand. This sets Raksul apart from other Internet companies, as Yasukane Matsumoto, CEO, and Kozo Fukushima, COO at Raksul, demonstrated in their presentation.

Kozo Fukushima

In concrete terms, Matsumoto’s aim is to position the B2B print platform, founded in 2013, with its approximately 70 network printers, in such a way that flyers etc. are not only printed, but the advertising is also distributed directly to the consumers. Printing plus advertising plus logistics is the goal to grow with the one-stop service. To this end, “hacobell”, a platform for forwarding services, was founded in 2015 parallel to the online print shop.

Even if the printing industry in Japan achieves a turnover of 24 billion, Onlineprint lags at least five years behind the development in Europe, says Kozo Fukushima. The online print turnover is approximately € 750 million. In this country with 127 million inhabitants, there should still be plenty of potential.