Chaosflo44: Print Next Generation

Over two days, this year’ Online Print Symposium had promised and kept its word to go once around the world of Onlineprint. The 290 participants were offered exciting insights into international online printing and beyond. There was also fresh and youthful entertainment. For example, the lecture by 20-year-old Austrian, Florian J., who has been operating a YouTube channel related to gaming for almost ten years and thus earns a substantial income.

As Florian alias Chaosflo44 explained in his lecture, he and “an old friend of his father” have set up their own online merchandise shop, with print products, over the past three years, most of which they produce themselves. He offers autograph cards, T-shirts, caps, jackets, cuddly toys and so on. “And people buy that,” he said with a smile. After which moderator Jens Meyer asked him how old his father’s “old friend” was. “Oh yes, about 40 or 50”, Florian said, making the “elderly” audience laugh.