Growth remains

There are indeed opportunities that exist – and the market certainly rewards them. The open shops in the B2C sector achieved an increase of 8.3% to €3.25 billion in 2018 and were thus more successful than previously anticipated. Out of this cake, the top 5 online printers cut off a slice of € 1.54 billion. These have grown through acquisitions, as well as through an expansion of their offerings. We have found that consumers no longer focus solely on price but also the quality of their products, which indicates that difficult times have dawned for pure “discounters”.

Business-to-business (closed shops) grew once again in 2018 by 2.2% to €4.60 billion. I expect this market to grow again by 2.2% in the current year. Together with the market growth of 4.6% of Open Shops, Onlineprint could achieve a turnover of € 8.1 billion in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2019. This means that Onlineprint in the D/A/CH region accounts for a good third of industry sales and is the largest online print market in any language region worldwide.

Nevertheless, the question is whether the times of double-digit growth rates are over? Perhaps so, as the market seems to be redistributing, with the big online printers losing business customers to the smaller providers. But even if the market doesn’t grow as fast and as strongly as before, growth is still there, and online printing is one of the most successful business models in the printing industry worldwide.