PIX – from zero to 100

Interestingly enough, Eyal Ben-Zvi, CTO at BeeriPrint since 2018, and Haran Kislev, head of the online printing company PIX, also faced a similar situation in Israel as Jürgen Geiger did with the promotional products market. Israel has also been a blank slate on the map when it comes to online printing. “There is no online printing category on the Israeli Internet,” says Ben-Zvi. This is despite the fact that Israel’s e-commerce penetration of 95% is one of the highest in the world.

But even BeeriPrint didn’t start from scratch; after all, the print shop has existed since 1950 – as a kibbutz in the municipality of Beeri. (For those who do not know: A kibbutz is a kind of rural community in Israel with common property and grassroots democratic structures.) The print shop employs 300 people and is the largest Dataprint printer in Israel. Mailings, data management, software development and print are all a part of BeeriPrint’s business. Furthermore, the name has become known in Israel as the first beta installation of a Landa machine due to the company’s entry into new markets such as packaging printing and online printing.

Eyal Ben-Zvi, CTO Be’eri Printers; Source: #OPS2019

But even with all the expertise in digitization, the Israeli company spent two and a half years developing the PIX platform before it went live. And what people in our part of the world tend to forget the most is that it was not only the Hebrew fonts that the PrintQ system from CloudLab had to represent. Eleven BeeriPrint employees finally got the project up and running with the support of zipcon consulting. But now it’s time for a new era. The online printing company PIX has already surpassed all other Israeli competitors and still has big plans.