Pressure in the boiler

My remarks and those of Robert Keane at the beginning of the symposium have evidently caused a need for a proper discussion. That’s why we, my co-moderator Jens Meyer, CEO of printXmedia Süd GmbH and co-organizer, and myself, organized a short discussion.

Proper discussion with Bernd Zipper, zipcon consulting; Kees Arends, cimpress; Dr. Michael Fries, Onlineprinters; Willi Soll, Initiative Online Print and Jens Meyer, printXmedia Süd (from left to right) Source: #OPS2019

The participants wanted to know whether a decline in the growth rates of the market leader Cimpress was really so bad that the world would collapse. “With almost double-digit growth, one should not speak of a crisis,” warned Dr. Michael Fries, CEO of Onlineprinters. However, it was right that competition should increase. “Internationally we still see an increase and even in Germany we still see growth”. Kees Arends of Cimpress also considers the word hectic to be inappropriate: ” On the contrary, I see a reset. In the past, you put your fishing rod in the water and the fish immediately took a bite. Today you just have to wait a little longer. Germany and the Netherlands were the first movers when it came to online prints. That’s why more is expected here than in other markets.”.  Willi Soll, from Online Print Initiative, added: “Yes, there is pressure in the boiler. Robert Keane said he had to improve. That’s a signal to the market that everyone has to develop further.”

Further development is also the priority for the next few years. “We must devote the greatest attention to customer satisfaction. Of course, this means efficiency in all areas – simply because of the prices”, Dr. Fries explained. “We all have to satisfy existing and new customers, we have to prove that Onlineprint works 24/7 – and more professionally than Amazon,” Kees Arends reminded the online print community.