Start-up launches

Growth potential for online printing obviously still exists everywhere. Provided you know the market and the customers, then you know what it offers – and what it doesn’t. Onur Durmuş, CEO of the Turkish online print start-up, takes an analytical and structured approach to its activities and today considers the online print provider, founded in 2014, to be a “bridge to the online printing industry in Turkey”.

Onur Durmuş, CEO of the Turkish online print start-up

The Turkish print market today is predominantly offline – with online printing still in its infancy. With around 83 million inhabitants (similar in size to Germany), Turkey is not a small market, but its structures are completely different. On the one hand, the commercial print market in Turkey is only about 1.8 billion euros, on the other hand, the old print supply structures in the areas outside the metropolitan areas (Istanbul alone has about 18 million inhabitants) need to be rethought. itself does not operate any production facilities but has established business relationships with more than 100 suppliers and believes that with this “asset-light” business model it is financially strong and flexible for new ideas. In the meantime, the portal has become the largest player in the market with twice the volume of the next competitor and continues to grow tremendously. Onur Durmuş has a clear goal: should not only grow in Turkey, but also become a competitive supplier for European countries with a high Turkish population.