Terms governing online registration for the 2020 Online Print Symposium in Munich

§ 1 Subject

(1) These terms apply to online registration for the Online Print Symposium on March 3+4, 2020 in Munich (hereafter referred to as the Event) as well as to usage of the event app and registration/invoicing over doo.net. The Event is organized by zipcon consulting GmbH, Am Buchenhain 4, 45239 Essen und printXmedia Süd GmbH, Einsteinring 1a, 85609 Aschheim bei München.

(2) The Event is aimed exclusively at companies and their employees (Participants). Participation by consumers (as defined in §13 BGB [German Civil Code]) is not possible.

(3) Online registration and use of the event app are based solely on these terms. If the event app is used, the developer’s usage terms may also apply, if appropriate. Contradictory, supplementary or divergent Participant or third-party terms do not form part of this agreement.

§ 2 Registration

(1) Registration for the Event takes place online at https://www.online-print-symposium.de/en/registration/.

(2) To conclude the participation contract, the Participant shall accept the Organizer’s offer by clicking on the “Book Now” button after completing the online registration process.

(3) Directly after completing online registration, the Participant will receive an automated e-mail acknowledgment that confirms they have concluded the contract at the e-mail address they have stated

(4) Participants must bring the participation acknowledgement sent to them by e-mail with them to the event. Participation cannot be guaranteed if the acknowledgement is not presented for inspection.

§ 3 Event Program

(1) The Event program can be derived from the program outline, which can be accessed online at https://www.online-print-symposium.de/en/schedule/

(2) The organizers reserve the right to change the program sequence or make content changes to the program for a compelling reason. The organizers shall make every effort to communicate any such changes in good time by e-mail or at https://www.online-print-symposium.de/en/schedule/.

(3) Any changes in accordance with § 3 (2) do not entitle Participants to a reduction in the participation fee.

§ 4 Participation Fee and Payment Terms

(1) The participation fee is 1.090 € (for non-members) or 940.00 € (for members). The Early-Bird-Tickets are available for non-members 990,00€ and members 840,00€ until 31.12.2019. All prices mentioned are net prices and are calculated in addition to the legal value added tax. The reduced members’ fee applies to members of the zipcon Circle of Friends, of the bvdm federal state-based associations, of Fogra, of the ‘Verband Druck & Medien Österreich’, of viscom, of VIGC, of INTERGRAF, of Assografici, of Febelgra, of the ‘Verband der Schweizer Druckindustrie’ and of ‘Initiative Online Print’. Proof of membership must be submitted upon request as appropriate prior to participation in the Event.

(2) The participation fee covers participation in the event program, including the accompanying materials provided, breaktime refreshments, lunch and the evening program. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.

(3) There is a choice of payment methods:
• Invoice
• Credit Card
• Paypal.

(4) If you select the ‘Invoice’ payment method, doo.net GmbH send you the bank details along with the participation acknowledgement by e-mail. The invoice amount must be wired to the account stated within 10 days of receipt of the invoice, quoting the booking number in the reference field.

(5) Registration is deemed to have been completed upon receipt of payment in full. If the ‘Invoice’ payment option has been selected, then the Participant’s place is only reserved until the invoice has been paid. If a payment deadline has not been explicitly stated, the invoice amount is due immediately. Essentially payment must be received no later than two days prior to the start of the event. It is not possible to make payment once the event has started.

§ 5 Sending Replacement Participants, Withdrawal and Event Cancellation

(1) If the Participant is unable to attend the Event, they are entitled to nominate a replacement, who shall attend the Event instead of them. The name of that replacement must be submitted to the organizers. The details required for registration should be sent to [[email protected]] prior to the start of the Event. In such cases the buyer of the service will not incur any additional costs. No other claims can be made against the organizers.

(2) If the Participant withdraws from having registered for the Event and does not nominate a replacement in good time, the following cancellation fees will be charged:

• up to 14 days before the start of the Event: 60 Euros;

• 14 – 7 days before the start of the Event: 50% of the participation fee;

• 7 days or less before the start of the Event: 100% of the participation fee.

(3) If the Event is cancelled for reasons for which the organizers are responsible, participation fees, which have already been paid, will be reimbursed.

(4) Attendance of the Insider-Get-Together the evening before the event will be charged with an additional fee of 50.00 Euro (plus VAT), which may be selected when registering online, and will not be refunded if you do not attend. The participant is entitled to nominate a substitute person to take part in the event instead.

§ 6 Event Documentation and Recordings

(1) Any documentation provided to the Participants in conjunction with the Event are protected by copyright. Duplication or publication is not permitted. Personal use only of the documentation is permitted.

(2) Video and sound recordings are not permitted during the Event.

(3)The participant agrees that photos taken by the organizers during his participation in the Online Print Symposium may be used, in particular distributed and publicly displayed, for reporting on this event and for advertising future similar events of the organizers, in particular on the websites www.online-print-symposium.de/en [beyond-print.net] online and in social networks.

The participant has not the right to be named.

The customer shall not receive remuneration for the rights granted under item (3).

§ 7 Liability

(1) The organizers have unlimited liability in the event of premeditation or gross negligence on their part. The organizers are liable for loss of life, physical injury or damage caused to people’s health as a result of ordinary negligence.

(2) Otherwise the organizers are only liable for a breach resulting from ordinary negligence of an essential contractual obligation, the fulfilment of which is only possible through the proper conduct of the Event and compliance with which Participants may reasonably and regularly rely on (cardinal obligation). Liability for ordinary negligence is limited to damages that are foreseeable on the date of contract conclusion, the occurrence of which can be typically expected. This limitation of liability also applies to the organizers’ vicarious agents.

§ 8 Closing Terms

(1) Should one or more stipulations in these terms be or become invalid, this does not otherwise affect the validity of the remaining terms.

(2) German law only applies

(3) If the Participant is a businessman or the representative of a legal entity or public-sector entity with special assets, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this contract is Essen.