The personalized reality

RPI is actually an unknown quantity, a hidden champion. As a specialist supplier of print products, RPI has developed a service that enables its customers to offer personalized products under their own brand. A very unique concept, which Paul Adriaans, Executive Vice President RPI Europe, explained while concurrently outlining the culture of how the company works. “The personalization of products and services is a trend in the digital-analog reality. Changing customer behavior, rapid technological development and new business models must drive entrepreneurs to constantly rethink their strategies and adapt to new realities,” Adriaans said.

“Leave the beaten track,” Paul Adriaans advised the auditorium, warning: “If you’re not prepared to go along with change, then you’ll be part of it.”

Founded in Seattle in 1979, the company began producing personalized print products in 1999, six years after the introduction of digital printing as we know it today. As early as 2006, we produced exclusively for well-known e-commerce companies, and in 2011 we ventured into Europe. The trick, as Paul Adriaans puts it today, is to recognize permanent changes such as constantly changing consumer behavior with high expectations of personalization, to react to them with technological developments, to cope with high marketing costs (see Robert Keane) and not to underestimate the importance of social media. Only innovation can help. And according to Paul Adriaans, the formula for this is: innovation = idea + risk + drive.

In concrete terms, RPI Europe in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is all about batch size 1, flexibility in material and processing, as well as a holistic workflow, scalability and process control. He made this evident with the example of the machine configuration, which had to meet these requirements. According to the motto “Don’t be afraid to fail, rather fear not to have tried”, the construction of a highly automated production line was a full-blown risk – and hit the mark.

Today, the company is a solid partner for personalized digital printing, is a white label service provider that delivers everything from one unique copy to thousands of copies, uses state-of-the-art software, has process expertise in global sales, and builds stable partnerships. This includes online printers such as Vistaprint and Helloprint, publishers and larger companies that have a high demand for printed matter.