Although BVD’s DNA is “printing on paper”, the Liechtenstein printing company wants to become an expert in printing three-dimensional mass customization products. Since 1992, Peter Göppel has been Managing Director of BVD Druck + Verlag AG, which in 1996 was one of the first printing companies to focus on digital printing and personalization.

“As a conventional commercial printer, however, we must continue to meet the challenges of digitization and transform ourselves in order to be able to survive in the future on the market,” commented Peter Göppel during his presentation, describing the steps BVD has taken thus far. “The goal was to develop an innovative and personalized product that can be ordered online by consumers. A further goal was to ensure that the product moves towards a niche. This resulted in the balleristo brand.”

For Peter Göppel, Managing Director of the Liechtenstein print shop BVD, Mass Customization is the trend of the future.

BVD was already a test customer in 2013 for a machine that prints three-dimensional products. The prototype was purchased in 2014, the website balleristo including the shop was set up in 2015 and in 2016 the company invested in a Heidelberg Omnifire 250 for four-colour printing. A five-colour machine of the same type followed in 2017 and this year an Omnifire 1000 with six axes will be installed. The company is investing millions in printing balls, drinking bottles and helmets – with further objects to follow.

To this end, Peter Göppel wants to target the market, B2C and B2B in a very structured way and create demand among manufacturers and platforms. “Initially, we were only active in the B2C segment – this is still a very important market. But we have already put out feelers to the business market and also want to go via platforms such as Amazon or ebay. We also want to go to manufacturers and make mass customization and personalization more widely known,” explained Peter Göppel. In doing so, he sees the future of mass customization as extremely positive: “I think that’s the trend of the future. I also believe that every person wants to be unique – and why shouldn’t companies be?

“We can already see today that the growth curve is pointing upwards every month. Nevertheless, I have the impression that the market development is still at the station – the train is moving very, very slowly in any event. That is why we are now focusing on convincing customers and marketing the advantages. I can’t say whether we will succeed, but we have laid the foundation and now we have to turn the screws to sell the products,” says Peter Göppel, summarizing the challenges of the next few years.